A Fantastic Provider Of Roofing Edmonton

Ardent roof systems offer durable, lasting roofing Edmonton, their roofing comes at a great and affordable price. They always offer a free estimate to help get you started and from this you can go onto work with them if you choose to do so. They are open to answering any questions or concerns that you might have about the business or the services that they have to offer. They always make sure to work hard to provide all of their clients with the highest quality roofing possible, whilst making sure everything is also very safe this is one of their biggest priorities. They have full liability insurance, as well as full WCB coverage this means that they are fully insured and protected. They are a very charitable company and they like to be able to give back to the community. They do work with the bear children’s fund, who provide money to charities such as the Stollery Children’s hospital, they do this by donating $500 for every roof renovation they do throughout may each year. They then join with their local radio station to do an annual roof give away, this is because your home is important and full of memories so they want to help you to protect it. Just a few of the roofing Edmonton services that they offer include repairs, metal roofing, gutters and insulation.

Each member of their staff has had extensive experience and has been properly trained; this is because they want the best workers possible to offer the best work possible. They are also COR certified, this means that there has been ongoing and continuous participation in safety efforts. They like to ensure that all of their staff has been trained with the equipment, working on the site and that they are up to date with the changing occupational health and safety legislation. Before they do any work on your roof they prefer to send out a member of their team to see whether just repairs need to be done or if a whole new roof is needed, this is so that they can then discuss what your needs are and what they personally recommend.

They offer their clients three different types of roofing, these are asphalt, cedar and metal; they have multiple options for each of these roof materials. The main reason people need to have their roof repaired or replaced is due to lack of maintenance. Then their metal roofing can hold up in even the most extreme conditions; it lasts on average around 20 years and it requires little to no maintenance. The initial service cost of metal roofing is more expensive but the overall lifetime cost works out to be cheaper. They offer a range of different insulation options these include spray foam and fibre glass, this can help to save you money on your energy bills. Ventilation is important in a properly functioning roof system, because it will stop condensation and mould from appearing in your attic.