Hired A Cheap Tree Service Plano Had And I Was Disappointed

I needed to have a dying tree cut down in my yard. It was making a mess whenever it stormed or the wind blew. The limbs were falling off of it and it was just a hassle to deal with at this point. I decided it needed to be cut down and started searching for a company to do that for me.

I went online and searched for tree service Plano area. I found lots of companies that were listed there and decided to give them all a call to see how much they would charge me to cut a tree down. I wanted to make sure I explored all my options and knew there were companies that were just starting up that didn’t have listings on Google. That’s when I decided I would go on Facebook to ask if any of my friends there could recommend a tree service Frisco has for the job. I told them I simply needed a tree cut down and was looking for the cheapest company to do it. A friend of mine told me that her cousin recently opened his own tree service business and gave me his number. I also had a few other recommendations for companies that I hadn’t previously called. I gathered all their phone numbers and gave them a call too.

After talking to several different companies on the phone, I decided to hire the cheapest one which was my friend’s cousin. He didn’t have any jobs lined up and told me he could do it whenever I wanted him to. I made arrangements for him to come while I was at work to cut the tree down. He said he could stop by my work after he was done to collect the payment for the job. That sounded great to me and I didn’t think anything could go wrong.

The day came for the tree to get cut down and I went home from work after paying him for it. I will have to say I was pretty disappointed in this tree service Plano has because he left a huge mess behind. There were limbs and sticks all through the yard and it looked awful. He did remove most of the tree for me, but the mess didn’t make me happy. I guess that’s what you get when you hire the cheapest company around.