Found Lots Of Options At Shaw Carpet Center

I wanted to get some new carpeting for my home. My carpet was outdated and really needed to be replaced. I was also not a fan of the color and needed to switch it up. I started looking around to find carpet places in my area.

I found a few different carpet stores to visit and went to them to look at their selection. These were smaller local carpet installation stores and had a variety of things, but I wanted to see if I could find other flooring options.

I was talking to a friend of mine about wanting to get new carpet and I told her that I had went to these local places. She asked me if I had went to the Shaw Carpet Center. I told her I hadn’t been and wasn’t even sure where it was at. She said she would go with me and show me where it was. She wanted to get new carpet too and wanted to see what they had. We set up a good time to go look at the carpet there together.

Upon entering the store, I realized how large their selection of flooring was. It was unlike any of the other smaller stores I had been to. I looked around to find what I wanted and had lots of things selected that I liked. I decided on which carpeting I wanted to get for my home and my friend said she was going to wait to make a selection because she wasn’t sure what she wanted.

I selected the carpeting I wanted and gave them the measurements of the rooms I wanted to have done. They were able to get me set up with installers to come over the next day. They were really quick at laying the carpet and did a really great job. I am glad I found new carpeting for my home. It has really updated the look of it and has made it look much nicer. I am glad I got rid of the outdated and ugly carpet and got a new look for my home.

From now on I will visit Shaw Carpet for all of my flooring needs. They have a selection that can’t be beat and really great prices too. Their installation techs are good at what they do and work very quickly to get the flooring done.